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Why Did I Even Bother?

I remember blogging in the now-deprecated site,, and got a quite an engagement. I won't lie, I enjoyed it there, especially when it came to tinkering around with customization functions. It was fulfilling when I set my site and profile up, every inch to my liking. It motivated me to blog.

Unfortunately, the site slowly threaded the path of online selling and it was transformed into a place where one gets bombarded with ads and invites to check out their stuff. Even as the annoyance increased, I stayed on. I had friends there who also made up my small group of 'fans.' That is, until they finally pulled the plug.

Facebook became their biggest disruptor. Multiply finally gave up on social media and stuck its guns on e-commerce. I was left with no choice but to pull out everything I had in there. For a while, I sort of lost my appetite for blogging, until I decide to give it another go via Blogger. Didn't work either. There were too little of what I wanted and too much of what I didn't. WordPress was a natural go-to but it has become a whole lot of what I think distracts from the real chore of writing.

So I'm on a mission to find blogging platforms that truly embody the idea of minimalism and going back to basics. Think of it as a quest for paper, electronically-born; something that just begs you to write at initial interface. Been around the Google block and found ones here and there. But I've narrowed my list down to just 5 now and Authpad made it.

True to its promise, everything was quite easy to figure out. As I write this, I've been able to set the 'Display' to 'Blog' with 'Navigation.' I came up with content for the 'About' page, set it as 'Page' rather than 'Post,' and redirected the 'Navigation' details accordingly. Same goes for the 'Home' page, save that I changed it to 'Word to the Lost,' doubling as the blog's tagline, where I talked about why this blog is this blog. I've also chosen the 'Settle' format and set the 'Date' to 'Left,' which actually appeared on the top-left. In here, remember to 'Update' your content twice and hit 'Preview,' for good measure. Also, don't forget to hit 'Publish.'

Well, we'll see how this one goes.