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Why Crumb Tracks?

Quite obviously, the title, "Crumb Tracks," takes root from the popular Brothers Grimm fairy tale, "Hansel and Gretel," about two kids who were abandoned in the woods by their father, at the behest of their selfish step mother. Hansel took pieces of bread and scattered them along the trail, as a frail attempt to find their way back home. But the birds ate the crumbs and the two kids ended up lost and well, you know the rest of the story.

Crumb Tracks is that. It's an attempt to leave bits and pieces of thoughts that could help someone find his or her way back home, or at least, spark a desire to want to go home. I'm not just referring to the physical structure that makes up a home, although that is definitely what best represents being at home. I'm talking about that place, tangible or otherwise, where we find where our hearts and peace truly lie.

I think, in our efforts to go somewhere and be someone in this life, we often end up lost, one way or another. I know have, many times over. I'm not claiming to be an expert at finding the way home but I've learned my piece, here and there. I've seen how, when people light the way, the journey home becomes less scary and more within reach. That's all this blog wants to do---to just give a word or two to those who've lost their ways from those who've been trying to find theirs.

But the birds do come and take those crumbs away, which is to say that nothing in here is a fool-proof tool to becoming 'un-lost.' There are hits but there also misses. I think the key is to mark our paths and keep going.

Crumb Tracks is a story, my story and yours too. It's about wanting to wander off to find who we are and what we can be, only to end up losing one's way. It's about marking where we've been---our lessons, and then trying other paths, heeding words from those who have been there.

See, home isn't necessarily where you started, it can be where you're no longer lost, where you've found you.

That's it. I just really want to inspire people, open up their perspectives, and stir some good thinking and positive realizations. Right now, we're in a transition, as a family, so that's going to be evident in my writing. I'm also a single adoptive parent and I've managed to formulate my brand of attachment parenting, also a good round topic to tackle. But most of all, I'm a renewed Christian, a charismatic Catholic, and a believer of God's Hyper Grace. That's definitely something I'm going to write about.