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Thrown Off By Throwww

The minimalist blogging platform that topped my list was actually one that simply called itself Throwww. I had been meaning to blog there for some time and when I finally did, there were some minor changes. For one thing, the 'Discover' button was kaput and so I couldn't see how folks down their did their stuff. The only one I was able to constantly check out was the blog of @sfard, who also happened to be the genuis behind the brilliant site.

So I messaged him on Twitter, hoping he'd have some good news as to the direction his site would be taking, especially for those like myself who appreciate being down to the bare essentials of writing. Yes, I consider Throwww brilliant for this very reason---it puts the bare back to essentials. If you're an aspiring writer, this site can be very helpful because when you get there, all it really asks you to do is write. In fact, the interface begs you to type away your title and thoughts or some otherwise meaningful content the world needs to hear from you.

As a 14-year old, I used to write away my thoughts on an old log book, those longer than usual unassuming notebooks that were hardbound blue, with no frills whatsoever. There was nothing in there save for the lines. It was just me and my pen thereafter. Throwww reminds me a lot of that log book. So there I was---in a distraction-free environment, not pulled away by some nagging detail that is satisfying to scratch but has nothing to do with my writing. Just me and my keys, and that's it. Could be worth a shot, or so I thought.

Unfortunately, I got a rather discouraging reply from @sfard. When asked if it's still promising to use the site, his short answer was "no." I didn't ask any further than that.

I did, however, take my chances. The simplicity of the site is way too attractive not to use. If things get messed up in there, I figured, I would've gained a great writing experience using such minimalist platform. No fuss. Just writing in action. I threwww in some content and it was all good, for a while. If you blog there and want to keep track of your content, you need to link your throwww blog with your Twitter account. It automatically 'entitles' your blog with your Twitter profile name and user account. But I wanted to blog as Crumb Tracks, so I went ahead and created a Twitter account for that and tried linking but sadly, I kept getting an integer error. I cried for help but got no love. Soon, even with my personal account, it would take a couple of tries before Throwww would let me in.

I got burned. With a heavy heart, I took down my content and moved house. Authpad was next on my list and so yeah, I've parked here. I still think Throwww's great as a minimalist blogging platform but if you're looking for support and some glimmer of encouragement, you might get throwwwn off, as well.