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Tumblin' With Tumblr, Still

Is it even fair that I tinker around with my Tumblr but go to Authpad to write?

This is just a quick one on what I've been messing around with on Tumblr. I did say I would do some more theme-fitting, which I did, and I've finally settled on the theme, Thinker. It's a minimalist theme that suited my taste the most. I changed colors to tone it down and clean it further. I think I've finally achieved the look I wanted it to have: clean with subtle accents. I moved away a bit from my usual teals to bluer hues and used the font, Gibson, because I find it simple but has that certain umph.

I should be ready to add content on there, content which I will basically get from this, my Authpad blog, and then, of course, weave some magic to make it more for Tumblr---whatever that means.

So I guess my Authpad and Tumblr will contain pretty much the same things or quite similar ones. As I've mentioned, I'm more candid, more open, and more raw here on Authpad. There's more of me and my uninhibited self here. On Tumblr, perhaps influenced by how the platform has been largely marketed as a microblogging site, I feel the need to always slash out and be more concise on there. I do edit my Authpad posts, pre- and post-publishing. But on Tumblr, I feel like adhering to the what the platform wanted to become, initially. Now though, the site already allows longer posts or what they call, 'write long things' themes.

I'm thinking though, my Authpad could become more about my journey in coming up with Crumb Tracks. It could be about my taste nuances in wanting a minimalist blog. Then, my Tumblr could actually start off on what I intend Crumb Tracks to be. It's possible. Then again, I gravitate to this platform when I want to just 'talk,' so this could still be a sort of thought repository for me, my draft storage, if you may.

I don't really know for sure. What I do know is that I'm very happy that these two sites are going, farthest I've come since returning on Blogger.