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Onto The Next: Tumblin' With Tumblr

I did say I was on a mission to find the truest minimalist blogging platform out there. Where Throwww used to top my list, Authpad has taken over and I'm a couple of entries in, on top of the the page contents.

Next on my list is Tumblr. I've had this account since 2010 but this is the first time I've actually dipped myself into it, this deeply. Mostly, I was just there for Neil Gaiman and Ala Paredes.

Unlike Authpad that didn't take me long to figure out and has, in fact, just allowed me to write more, Tumblr posed more of a challenge. Because it gives you room to customize---which is a very important element, of course, in framing one's array of writing and in building your blog 'brand,' I've spent most of the evening, up to this hour, 3a.m. already, tweaking and tinkering around with 'edit appearance' on Tumblr. It kind of consumed me until I got it spot on, to my liking, that is. There were moments when I felt the interest depleting but they were nothing a few breaks didn't fix.

I think I must've tried about 5 themes on for size. I ended up using 'Orange Pop' but decided to drop the orange and stick with my teals and grays. I do have a feeling this isn't over yet. More theme-fitting tomorrow!

Then I had to decide what pages would be good to add. I put the 'About' page to talk about the blog and the 'Spark' page to succinctly talk about myself. I initially wanted it to be much like how I started here at Authpad, but after a quick visit to one of my favorites sites, Zen Habits, I decided to trim everything down and just rock with but a few liners. Contents that were intended for those two pages became my first two posts.

With a site like Tumblr, I tend to explore design possibilities before I get on with writing or figuring out content. With Authpad, since there isn't much to tinker around with, I went ahead and just wrote. The only 'design' aspect I need contend with would be those directly- or metaphorically-related images, for each entry, which I get for free on FreeImages and Pixabay.

This is not to say that Authpad is better. Its lack of customization functions can be deemd by some as a deficiency, especially in this world that clamors for individualism. I'm saying that for certain purposes, one platform can be strategically more useful than another.

While I've done a lot of content sculpting in Tumblr, my entries here are raw. I just allow myself to think and write. So yes, on Authpad, I tend to be more productive, more spontaneous. But I did enjoy doing Tumblr and I'll keep at it, as well. And yes, Crumb Tracks is officially on Tumblr.