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Case In Point: Awed By Minimalist Blogging

It didn't take me long to save in a few drafts, here at Authpad, which I will publish in the next couple of days. The experience is no different from my brief stint at Throwww. In the time it had taken me to figure out, tinker, try-out, preview, and attempt to customize and set-up a blog at WordPress, I was already able to come up with a few on Throwww. I'm undeniably at awe with the simplicity and usability of these stripped down sites. Save for worrying about how long these ones will exist, I maintain that it's a good idea to try them out, if you'd like to focus on writing.

Whether Authpad or Throwww, the platform feels pretty much like MS Notepad---but online. I always keep this tab open to gravitate to whenever I feel the swell of thoughts and realizations coming on. Think of it as a repository for incognito ideas translated to electronic bits, on their way to being published on the web.

It isn't that I don't enjoy tinkering with WP. I do. In fact, I enjoy testing the wonderful templates available for free and customizing them, as much as a free account allows. I'm left with a nagging awe at each of the great template I've tested, tweaked to my taste and what I think the blog should represent. That's the value of building a blog from all around. You're not just coming up with content, you also have to take on the challenge of branding your blog, and this means figuring out everything about it, its content, look, and all---that should add up to what your message is and what you've set out to do. So, apart from strategizing, a whole lot of thoughts and decisions go into it, on top of the technical stuff involved with the set-up.

Here, it's all about writing: your thoughts and your finger dance. The downside is that nothing goes into brand building. Still, this is a great way to capture material whilst WP is on it's way. I also tried out Weebly, with its new generation offering, Carbon, which, I must say, was rather quick and easy to initially set-up. I tinkered with it for a while and liked what I saw, but eventually left. The customization was just as challenging as that of WP and so I figured, might as well invest all efforts on WP.

But for close to effortless jotting, I've got Authpad.