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What Do I Say About Myself?

There are so many facets of "me," and my life, that I'm not sure where to begin. So for the purpose of this blog, I just decided to describe myself in a way that could be meaningful to you.

I'm blogging because I think I have something to say that someone may need to hear or find the least bit amusing. But my ultimate goal is to stir something inside. Call it inspiration. Call it a jumpstart. If I can expand people's hearts---and minds, that would be awesome. And so this is my earnest try.

Do you call me a writer then? Since it is my medium, yes, that I am. But I'm also just a spark in a world of gray. As with any spark, mine is a product of friction: objects thrust against each other---the many wrong turns and unexpected life events---producing a glimmer that'll eventually catch flame. Let's just say, I choose to flame others up rather than remain burned.

I am also a parent, perhaps the greatest and most rewarding role I have ever taken on in my entire life. I consider it an honor and a privilege to raise an adult-in-progress. I have read and listened, learned my way through parenting, and enjoyed myself along the way. In the process, it was I who ultimately changed. So who parented who? We may be the accountable adults but at many points, we are children being raised by our children. It is very humbling and inexplicably fulfilling, despite the imperfections, something I can best describe as a "joyful becoming."

Finally, I am a servant. I'm in a journey of giving up my life to God's disposal. I am, after all, His. Dr. Paul Ellis said, He can never "unchild" us. We are and will always be His own. That is my---our---truest identity. And although it is not an easy one to assume because of our worldly conditioning, this is something we cannot escape from. It's inevitable.